About this website


This website is a public site meant to show what web-related abilities I have honed over the years. It's basically (part of) my resume. This site also hosts a pdf version of my resume formatted for HR use.


This website was hand-coded using HTML4, CSS and PHP. It is running on a Centos 6.x LAMP stack. The website is hosted by Amazon Web Services.

The Golfcam is a near-live snapshot of the backyard of my home in Palmyra, VA. The Golfcam is based on a Raspberry Pi webcam module. Images are created every five minutes, then run through ImageMagick to rotate and add the time and date to the image. The images are also analyzed for the mean pixel value, if it's very low then it's too dark outside for the webcam and the image is simply discarded. Finally, the image is copied to the web server once it's acceptable for publication.

The weather page is generated based on data from both the web and from a small arduino with a DS18B20 digital sensor attached. The data from this arduino is uploaded to a mysql database. The plots read from this source and are updated every five minutes.

Last modified June 11, 2015.